UCRSEA Virtual Seminar

The UCRSEA Virtual Seminar is a group of students and junior professionals working on similar areas: climate change resilience, urban environmental management, service provision — particularly in Southeast Asia. Our participants are mostly from Canada and our partner countries in Southeast Asia, with a few others from other Asian countries, the UK and the United States.

The seminar meets once per month via a video conferencing service. At each meeting, two participants share drafts of their work (draft journal article or chapter, research proposal, etc.) and the rest of the participants discuss their work and give feedback and suggestions. Seminar members are expected to participate regularly.

Schedule for Academic Year 2018/2019* – Please check back in September 2018 for specific dates and times.

We welcome new members to the seminar. If you are interested in joining, please contact us at  virtualseminar@ucrsea.com; ucrsea@gmail.com.