York University, Canada

York University, founded in 1959, is the third largest university in Canada, with 47,000 undergraduate students and 6,000 graduate students, plus 7,000 faculty and staff. Among those 53,000 students are over 5,000 international students from 171 countries. York has 11 faculties that offer over 200 undergraduate and graduate degree programs through approximately 5,000 courses. The York Centre for Asian Research (YCAR), which brings together over 200 faculty, graduate and other research associates whose work is focused on Asia or the Asian Diaspora, is the project’s “home” at York.

York’s engagement in the UCRSEA partnership project will involve a range of activities including hosting visiting graduate students from Southeast Asia who have been awarded a one term in Canada fellowship, training Canadian graduate students affiliated with UCRSEA, developing and maintaining the project web site, and offering professional development seminars for students and partners.

For more information, visit www.yorku.ca/yar or email ycar@yorku.ca