Thailand Environment Institute

The Thailand Environment Institute (TEI) is a non-profit, non-governmental, environmental organization, focusing on environmental issues. It was established in May 1993 with a working philosophy of serving as a reliable and up-to-date information and knowledge resource. Founded on the belief that partnerships are the most effective approach in achieving sustainable development and better quality of life, TEI advocates a participatory approach to shared environmental responsibility. By working closely with the private sector, government, local communities, other civil society partners, academic and in international circles with international organizations, TEI helps to formulate environmental directives and link policy with action to encourage meaningful environmental progress in Thailand.

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The is the web site of Urban Climate Resilience Program (UCR) under the implementation of the Thailand Environment Institute. The objective of the UCR Program is to strengthen climate change resilience preparedness of the cities in Thailand in the long term by considering changes and development according to the city’s context and to push forward climate change proposals into the city and country-level policy.