Research Group on Wellbeing and Sustainable Development, Khon Kaen University, Thailand

The Wellbeing and Sustainable Development Research Group (WeSD) is a diverse group of academic experts working together on a range of high quality social research projects. The WeSD group draws on the strength of its associates’ varied backgrounds in the humanities and social sciences. From environmental public health to wellbeing and human development, the WeSD group is an exclusive local research team based in the heart of northeast Thailand that focuses on the social development of the country’s traditionally marginalized or poor northeastern Thai communities, extending to the Mekong region.

The team is committed to constructing a body of knowledge on social and environmental development that will lead to increased wellbeing of the people and sustainable development for the land. The WeSD group seeks to be a focal point for cooperation with related parties in support of co-creating and developing expert research. WeSD is also engaged in the development of learning and teaching methods for post-graduate students, through integrated, practical learning techniques grounded in the research. WeSD approaches all of its projects from a holistic viewpoint, engaging its stakeholders in a participatory manner throughout, so that everyone benefits and learns through being rightfully engaged and fairly treated. Knowledge and information is fed back to the communities from which the primary research draws from, thus creating long-term reciprocity and empowering local communities to strive towards a higher quality of life.

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