Renewable Energy Association Myanmar

Established as a nongovernmental organization (NGO) in 1999, the mission of the Renewable Energy Association Myanmar (REAM) is to increase the living standards of rural people in Myanmar and to protect the environment through the promotion of renewable energy applications.

REAM works with local inhabitants, professionals, technicians, micro or small enterprises and other like-minded organization to upgrade the awareness and living standard of people in remote areas of Myanmar through the promotion of Renewable Energy Technology (RET). They are now implementing small development projects in Myanmar.

REAM’s three main objective are to alleviate the energy problem by using Renewable Energy Technology (RET); protect the environment and save the natural resources; and to develop grassroots communities.

Information, education and communication are the three main services provided by REAM: the collection and dissemination of information on RET and its related affairs; educating the community on RET development and related environmental conservation affairs; and providing communication services between RET system provider(s) and users(s) who want to establish particular projects or RET applications and development activities.

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