Mercy Corps Myanmar

Mercy Corps is a leading global humanitarian agency saving and improving lives in the world’s toughest places. With a network of experienced professionals in more than 40 countries, we partner with local communities to put bold ideas into action to help people recover, overcome hardship and build better lives – now, and for the future.

Mercy Corps is helping the people of Myanmar by: helping farmers adopt better agricultural practices and productive relationships with market actors; Increasing access to sustainable energy solutions; reducing tensions by teaching conflict resolution skills to local government and civil society groups.

Mercy Corps began working in Myanmar in 2008 to help communities recover from the devastating damage of Cyclone Nargis. After the emergency phase of our work was complete, we shifted our focus to longer-term development — first in the Delta, then in other regions. Our overarching goal is to help bring about peace, stability and economic growth that includes all people. To that end, we are helping farmers increase their productivity and incomes and improving the way agricultural markets work. We’re helping communities adapt to climate change while increasing access to life-enhancing household energy products. And, we’re improving the ability of local governments and civil society groups to resolve conflicts.

Our main focuses are to improving food security and agricultural markets, creating cleaner energy for home uses, and learning the skills to build peace.

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