Center for Environment and Community Research, Vietnam

The Center for Environment and Community Research (CECR) is based in Hanoi, Vietnam, and is registered as a non-governmental organization under the Viet Nam Union of Science and Technology Associations. The main mission of the Center is to advocate for participation in an ecosystem approach in environmental protection and climate change through research, training, consultation, communication and services in environmental issues. In implementing its activities, CECR is involved in partnerships, networking and collaborations. CECR is a member of International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), the Viet Nam Urban Forum, and the Viet Nam Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

CECR’s main programs include:

Urban Climate Change Resilience: Local Participation and Initiatives in Urban Surface Water Management focusing on Hanoi Lakes and Disaster Preparedness: Researchers have collected baseline data of Hanoi Lakes and conducted an institutional study of lake management in Hanoi. CECR has organized local and international conferences on the sustainable uses of Hanoi Lakes as an adaptive base to fight climate change in the context of urban floods and inundations during the rainy season, and to fight extreme heat in the summer. The program developed models of community-based lake management that have been applied by urban communities to enhance their capacity and empower them to coordinate, plan, implement and manage their lakes and continuously monitor local flood management systems in different districts of Hanoi as well as Ninh Binh.

Youth School for Pioneers in Environmental Protection and Climate Change Adaptation (YSPECA): Global Thinking – Local Actions: The program provides training in ecological systems and environmental protection in the climate change context for passionate and committed future Vietnamese Young Leaders. The participants are first, second and third year university students from post-secondary institutions in Hanoi and other cities.

Policy Advocacy and Law Development Support: CECR initiated and lead the Coalition to Advocate for Water Pollution Control Law in Viet Nam (Coalition for Clean Water, CCW). CECR works and closely coordinated with universities, governmental institutes, non-governmental organizations, businesses, women’s groups, media, lawyers, policy makers, experts, and activists on issues-based research, consultation and conferences where topical issues were discussed and recommendations were made to the Government and National Assembly on water pollution control law.

Campaigns and Media: CECR initiated an ongoing, one-month campaign in support of protecting Hanoi’s lakes. From 22 March (World Water Day) to 22 April (Earth Day), diverse civil society groups participate in various activities including cleaning lakes, collect garbage in public areas and recycling as a part of a voluntary household wastes campaign.

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