NEW PUBLICATION: Visualizing Vulnerability for Inclusive Community Resilience: Photovoice Evidence from the Philippines


Dr. Yanjun Cai’s most recent publication the integration of photovoice with Facebook to demonstrate diverse dimensions of vulnerability through the lens of twenty-six informal settlers in metropolitan Manila and Cebu City. Through this mixed-methods approach, her article adds to the growing literature on vulnerability as an intrinsic and dynamic outcome of unjust social structures in the context of community resilience.


Dr Cai’s findings demonstrate the richness of vulnerability through a participant-driven approach, enhancing planners’ understanding of current resilience studies. Such a nonlinear exploration also presents place-based concerns and capabilities, which potentially inform planners for more inclusive resilience building across scales.


You can access this article here. Dr. Cai’s research was supported by her UCRSEA Postdoctoral Fellowship. You can follow Dr. Cai’s work on Twitter.