NEW PUBLICATION: Asia’s Changing Cities: Water, Climate and Power in the Transformation of Urban Spaces

UCRSEA Co-Director, Dr. Amrita Daniere former UCRSEA Postdoctoral Fellow Dr. Vanessa Lamb have recently published the introduction to a special issue of the International Development Planning Review that brings together research from across diverse Asian cities to reveal how water is foundational to the city.

Articles in this issue examine the central paradigms of ‘water and the city’ by emphasising the ‘water work’ of multiple actors, to identify possibilities and opportunities, in addition to ‘governance failures’ in the production of the urban form (Bakker et al., 2008). In particular, these papers provide compelling evidence that to comprehend fully the future of Asian cities in the Anthropocene, it is necessary to understand their related topographies, their water systems and, also, their practices and politics of water distribution.

You can access the article here, and follow the work of Dr. Lamb on her website.