New journal article by UCRSEA researchers

Prof. Melissa Marschke of the University of Ottawa, a UCRSEA Collaborator, and Jason Horlings, her student and a UCRSEA research funding recipient, have published a new article, “Fishing, farming and factories: adaptive development in coastal Cambodia”, in the journal Climate and Development.

The objective of their paper is to determine if the emergence of a Special Economic Zone (SEZ) influences adaptive development in coastal Cambodia. Among their findings are, “from a systems perspective, that development capacities are being strengthened with SEZ employment as many employees experience an increased, predictable income, even as climate-specific capacities are weak, beyond the changes to climate exposure that people experience through migration. However, even as industrial and migration systems develop, the lack of climate-specific capacities in the urban system is concerning: water supply, land-use planning, and urban governance take little account of climate change adaptation, which may undermine longer-term development in this region.”

The article is available at

Photos taken in Koh Kong, Cambodia by Jason Horlings.