NEW DISSERTATION: The Politics of Urban Space Making: A Case Study of Battambang Town, Cambodia

Dr. Try Thuon’s (Chiang Mai University, Thailand)  doctoral dissertation examines urban space making and resilience through a lens of strategic group formation, under pressure from rapid urbanization, regional economic connectivity, and intensifying climate change impacts.

Dr. Thuon’s research reflects how the reconstruction of space, identity, and social belonging, is regularly omitted in mainstream resilience approaches. Through encountered space and local resistance, the study suggests for autonomous state institutions, trust civil society and reposition and local participation are often missing out in the planning and the making of urban spaces.

Dr. Thuon’s doctoral studies were supported by a UCRSEA Graduate Fellowship in Urban Resilience and he worked with UCRSEA partners at Chiang Mai University and the Royal University of Phnom Penh during his research.

Dr. Thuon’s deep knowledge of critical theory and his vibrant enthusiasm for his work were a celebrated staple at UCRSEA events. Congratulations, Try!

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Dr. Try Thuon