2018 UCRSEA Graduate Fellows

Try Thuon and Nguyen Thanh Tu have been selected as recipients of the 2018 UCRSEA Graduate Fellowships. They will spend the Fall Term at the University of Toronto, where they will continue to work on their respective PhD research papers, participate in UCRSEA Project activities, attend courses, seminars and workshops relevant to their research and meet with the Canadian UCRSEA team members and researchers.

Try, who has been involved and participated in UCRSEA activities, will be writing up his research on “Remaking Urban Space, Livelihood Changes and Resilience Among Peoples in Battambang Town, Cambodia”. His study aims to examine how the Strategic Groups formation shape the process of urbanization, land use planning, and climate change adaptation within secondary towns of Cambodia, with focus on Battambang, one of the UCRSEA project sites. Try is completing his PhD in Social Sciences (International Program) at Chiang Mai University. He is also a Researcher and Lecturer with the Department of Natural Resource Management and Development, Faculty of Development Studies, Royal University of Phnom Penh.

Tu Nguyen is currently pursuing her PhD in Urban Planning at the National University of Civil Engineering (NUCE), Hanoi, Vietnam. Her research study, “Fundamental factors to develop green and climate resilient new urban area (KDTM) in big deltas of Vietnam”, focuses on green/sustainable and resilient new urban area (modern neighborhood or KTDM) in big deltas of Vietnam. It aims to define fundamental factors that KDTM in big vulnerable deltas should contain in order to become green/effectively resource-consuming and climate change resilient. She is also a lecturer at NUCE’s Department of Urban and Regional Planning.