Warm welcome from Mahasarahkham University

May 1, 2016


In May, project partner Mahasarahkham University invited members of UCRSEA team to spend the day at the University to discuss urban climate change issues, the project and the partnership.  Mahasarakham University has recently become a partner in the project, thanks to the hard work of Ajan Yanyong Inmuong, Dean of Faculty of Environment and Resource Studies.

The First National Academic Seminar on Urbanization and Climate Change Resilience in Southeast Asia featured excellent updates on local climate issues as well as a warm welcome to the team by the President of Mahasarakham. The work to be done in the region is quite exciting, said Co-Director Amrita Daniere, and we look forward to working with faculty, local activists and government officials on water and heat-related issues over the next four years.

UCRSEA team members in attendance included Co-Directors Pakamas Thinphanga and Amrita Daniere, Richard Friend (Institute of Social and Environmental Transition-Regional Office), Pimolwan Singhawong (ISET-Regional Office), Krongjit Kitikard (Thailand Environment Institute), Anusara Phosri (Thailand Environment Institute), Kwanruen Yodkham (Thailand Environment Institute), and Ishtiaq Afridi (intern, University of Toronto).