Citizen Science: Air Quality Training Workshops

January 1, 2017 - February 28, 2017

Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia and Myanmar

From mid-January to early February 2017, UCRSEA held five air quality monitoring workshops in Ninh Binh, Vietnam (12-13 January), Khon Kaen, Thailand (16-17 January), Phnom Penh, Camboda (19-20 January), Battambang, Cambodia (23-24 January) and Yangon, Myanmar (31 January-1 February).

The workshops aimed to teach UCRSEA partners and other participants how to use the Airbeam device (seen here), how to upload the data to the AirCasting website, and how to use the website; teach participants what PM 2.5 is, what its sources are, and why it is harmful to health and the importance of monitoring it; and help participants start thinking about how they can use the Airbeam device for teaching, research, and advocacy.

Partners were expected to develop a work plan for the use of the monitoring devices/application and collection of scientific data. This may include engagement with multiple stakeholders in their respective cities, thus participating in ‘Citizen Science’. Academic partners may develop a teaching course in Science using the devices and application.

Workshop trainors were Dr. Danny Marks, UCRSEA Postdoctoral Fellow, and Harry Li, PhD candidate at the University of Toronto (under the supervision of Prof. Dylan Jones, Department of Physics).

The workshop report is available here.