Building Urban Climate Change Resilience: Evolving Challenge in Southeast Asian Cities

October 8, 2015

Urbanization and climate change represent the most dramatic social economic transformations of our time. There is strong agreement among scholars that climate change is a threat to social and economic stability and development but, further, that more effective urban planning to mitigate and adapt to the impacts of climate change can promote sustainable urban fabrics (Simonis 2011; Yuen and Kumsaa 2011). This panel presented reflections and work-in-progress from the Urban Climate Resilience in Southeast Asia Partnership (UCRSEA) project. The following papers were featured:

Building Urban Climate Change Resilience in Southeast Asia: Conceptual FrameworkPakamas Thinphanga, Co-Director, Urban Climate Resilience in Southeast Asian Partnership (UCRSEA) and ISET-International

Growth of the Real Estate Sector and its Impact on Sustainability in Khon Kaen City, Thailand, Ishtiaq Afridi, Sustainability Management Program, University of Toronto

Conducting Climate Context Analysis in Daiwei, MyanmarCarli Melo, Department of Geography and Program in Planning, University of Toronto

Learning As We Grow: Lessons about the UCRSEA NetworkJoanna Kocsis, UCRSEA Evaluation Specialist; Department of Geography and Program in Planning, University of Toronto

Prof. Amrita Daniere, UCRSEA Co-Director, chaired the session.